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For Employees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on UW-Extension logo

After much study and consultation, UW-Extension is moving to this updated University of Wisconsin-Extension logo.

UW-Extension logo
What's different?

This logo emphasizes our University of Wisconsin identity by enlarging the "UW" on top and always including the words "University of Wisconsin-Extension" underneath — unless there is a division or program name underneath. Our typeface remains the same; the blue color (Pantone 293) remains the same; and the overall look and feel of the logo remain the same.

Where can I find it?

Go to and download the logo you need.

Why are we doing this?

A clear identity will help UW-Extension maintain public support. UW-Extension co-funds hundreds of faculty positions at UW campuses, provides financial support for Extension offices in every county, oversees public broadcasting and the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, operates and funds 4-H and Master Gardener programs, sponsors Small Business Development Centers and touches millions through hundreds of programs. But participants, legislators and other public officials often see no connection between these programs and UW-Extension.

The more we include our logo, the more people will associate the University of Wisconsin-Extension with the programs and services they receive and value. It's important that UW-Extension "gets credit" for its many contributions to the state of Wisconsin and its residents.

We also want to move to a logo that more accurately conveys we are a "University of Wisconsin" institution. Market research with external groups showed that people don't always associate "Extension" with the "University of Wisconsin."

How am I supposed to use this?

Anytime you see an opportunity to use the UW-Extension logo, you can go to and download the logo you need for uses such as:

Brochures and flyers
Course materials
Printed materials

Business cards with the new logo can be ordered at: link

What about my existing supply of printed materials and existing signage?

Continue using your existing signage, banners and other materials not easily replaced. When supplies are exhausted, replace them with the updated logo.

You will find plenty of opportunities to incorporate the updated logo in electronic formats, PowerPoints, websites, new printed materials and other places where the change won't incur additional costs.

Is this supposed to take the place of our other logos?

No. This logo is not intended to replace program names or beloved, well-known identities such as Wisconsin Public Television or 4-H.

Are there co-branding opportunities?

Yes! To enable UW-Extension to get credit for its work, our UW Colleges and UW-Extension Communications and External Relations office is trying to ensure that UW-Extension gets included with a logo or in words wherever possible. For instance, in conjunction with UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources, the following co-branded business card was worked out for co-funded positions. In the past UW-Extension was not present in words or logo on such cards.

Example of logo use in co-branding UW-Stevens Point and UW-Extension.
What's next?

Our UW-Extension and UW Colleges Communications and External Relations office consulted with all governance groups and with all divisions regarding how branding of various divisions and programs can occur in the future to ensure UW-Extension and its programs get more credit for their good work.

In the future, new or revised graphic standards for each division will be rolled out based on the input and support that came from the divisions and governance groups.


Since UW-Extension is a large, diverse institution, we expect questions or comments even though we've tried to address many here. Please direct comments and questions to Sandy Kallio, Communications and External Relations, 608-890-3558 or If your question relates to Cooperative Extension, please contact Shannon Carpenter, 608-262-9311 or


Our logos serve as powerful reminders of who we are and what we stand for, so we appreciate your use of the updated UW-Extension institutional logo or your division logo in your work. Institutions, divisions and programs deserve proper credit. We are proud of our work. Thank you for all you do and for helping us acknowledge it publicly.