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For Employees

UW-Extension Brand Promise

While our mission describes what the University of Wisconsin-Extension does, our strategic vision through 2017 coming out of the strategic planning process is that

"We will improve lives and communities in Wisconsin through engaged education and research."

Ideally, through faculty and staff employing the brand and visual identity standards, more Wisconsin residents will associate UW-Extension with the work it does and the value it provides to the state. Based on research with internal and external users of UW-Extension, we believe the following statement describes how people view us and what we strive to have our name/logo/reputation stand for. In essence, this is the "brand promise", the characteristics we strive to have associated with the University of Wisconsin-Extension because these characteristics reflect the work we do:

For real-world people facing a personal or professional challenge, UW-Extension galvanizes resources from across the state and beyond to inspire your success.

We do this by:

  • Connecting people throughout the state with the unbiased research and resources of the UW
  • Providing practical, hands-on knowledge you can use immediately
  • Leveraging best practices to meet identified needs of Wisconsin residents, from children and families to farmers and businesses
  • Being community members ourselves, so we can apply and share learning that's locally relevant

In our interactions with you, we will always be resourceful, experienced and approachable.