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Space Allocation and Request Procedures

UW-Extension Space Allocation Procedures

The University of Wisconsin-Extension will utilize the following procedures in the allocation of institutional space.

  1. The allocation of available space will be made by the Chancellor, or his/her designee, as a result of the annual space inventory or in response to programming needs.
  2. The University of Wisconsin-Extension will have a Facilities Advisory Committee appointed by the Chancellor. This Committee should have a least one member of each of the Extension Divisions and will be chaired by the Associate Vice Chancellor. This Committee will be an Advisory Committee to the Chancellor on all issues relating to facilities. The Facilities Management Department will provide staff support for this Committee.
  3. All requests for institutional space must be made in writing using the Space Request Form.MS Word file
    The following process will be followed:
    1. The space request form must have the approval of the Dean's or Director's Office.
    2. The space request form is forwarded to the Facilities Management Office.
    3. The Facilities Management Office will review the request and provide the Facilities Advisory Committee with a written recommendation or options to be considered.
    4. The Facilities Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the request and the recommendation or options from the Facilities Management Department and to provide a recommendation to the Chancellor.
    5. The Chancellor, or his/her designee, will make all space allocation decisions.
  4. Temporary assignment or reassignment of space may be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor, or his/her designee, in response to immediate needs. The Facilities Advisory Committee will be advised of any such temporary changes.