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Risk and Safety Management

UW-Extension Risk Management Mission

Risk Management is the process of identifying, measuring and treating property, liability, income, and personnel exposure to loss. The ultimate goal of risk management is the preservation of the physical and human assets of UW-Extension for the successful continuation of its operations.

Since the general objective of the University of Wisconsin System is for the efficient delivery of educational services, the objective of UW-Extension Risk Management is to maintain smooth operations and peace of mind in the face of risk, as well as an environment which promotes safe and enjoyable learning.

UW-Extension Safety Mission

It is the goal of UW-Extension to provide a safe and healthful higher education environment for faculty, staff, students, and persons utilizing UW-Extension programs and facilities.

No Job, course of academic study or request is so important that time cannot be taken to perform that function safely and in compliance with overall environmental regulations.

Risk Management and Safety Director

Daniel Karamanski

UW-Extension Building
432 N. Lake Street, Room 213
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 263-1696