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Remodeling Procedures

UW-Extension Remodeling Procedures

Download the Remodeling Form (Rich Text file).

The University of Wisconsin-Extension will utilize the following procedures in the request for renovation, conversion or remodeling of existing space.

  1. The University of Wisconsin-Extension relies on the architectural staff support of the UW-Madison Physical Plant Department in developing remodeling plans and estimates of cost. All requests for remodeling must be made in writing using the "Request For Remodeling" Form (Attached)
  2. Any space remodeling or renovation must be performed by University approved staff — individual staff members cannot remodel or paint space on their own.
  3. Requests for remodeling may be initiated by the department chair responsible for that unit. Subsequently, the request will be submitted to the appropriate Dean or Director of the requesting department for approval.
  4. Upon approval of the appropriate Dean or Director, the "Request For Remodeling" Form will be forwarded to the Facilities Management Department to ensure that institutional priorities are addressed and to document the request.
  5. The Facilities Management Department will review the request and forward to UW-Madison Physical Plant Department.
  6. The UW-Madison Physical Plant Department will assign a staff person to the project to work with the department to address remodeling needs and to determine preliminary cost estimates.
  7. After a plan has been approved and an estimate has been established for the project, Physical Plant will forward to the department a "Construction Service Agreement" for the project. The Construction Services Agreement itemizes the individual trades' estimates and applies the appropriate design, administration and contingency fees to arrive at the total budget amount.
  8. The requesting department must then initiate a requisition in the amount indicated on the "Construction Service Agreement" in order that the project obtains scheduling from Physical Plant.
  9. Once a requisition is issued for a project, it normally takes from two to four months for a project to be completed depending on the complexity of the project and Physical Plant priorities.
  10. There are very limited institutional resources available for remodeling projects. Only top priority remodeling projects receive institutional funding support. Most remodeling projects must be funded by departmental or divisional funds.
  11. The Facilities Management Department will serve as the contact between UW-Extension departments and UW-Madison Physical Plant when problems occur during remodeling projects.

Note: Any remodeling project over $30,000 requires approval by DOA Division of Facilities Development