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About Cost Share

Cost sharing is the portion of the total costs of a sponsored project that is borne by the UW rather than the sponsor. The UW is required to track and in many instances report cost share for sponsored projects, both federal and non-federal. If not in compliance with federal and sponsoring agency requirements, the UW could jeopardize current and future sponsored awards.

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Cost Share References

Cost Share FormPDF link
Cost Share FormExcel link
Cost Share Form Preparation and Routing InstructionsPDF link

Cost Share Policies and Guidelines

Cost Sharing PolicyPDF link
The University of Wisconsin-Extension recognizes the importance of providing good stewardship of institutional and extramural funds. It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Extension that all personnel who engage in sponsored projects will comply with University policies and sponsoring agency regulations regarding the proposing, charging, and reporting of cost share funds on those projects. The University’s policy on cost sharing is applicable to both federal and non-federal sponsored projects

Guidelines for Cost Sharing: Proposing, Managing, and Documenting Cost SharingPDF link
Associated with Sponsored Projects
PDF link
Cost sharing is the portion of the total costs of a sponsored project that is borned by the UW rather than the sponsor. These guidelines set forth the methods for proposing, managing and documenting cost share associated with sponsored projects.

Guidelines for Cost Sharing: Key Ideas for the Dean’s OfficesPDF link
Reference guide for key points in the Guidelines for Cost Sharing document to assist the Dean’s/Director’s Office

Cost Share Training

Cost Share Training PowerPointPowerPoint link

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